Intro to Nightvision 11/14/2020 LIPSA

Intro to Nightvision 11/14/2020 LIPSA

Intro to Nightvision :


Establish working knowledge of Nightvision devices for operational use. - 
Intimate understanding of its strengths,  limitations and it’s integration into operational use.
Notable Case studies for NVG usage 
Diagnostic for score 
Converging and Parallel Zero 
Photonic Barriers and environment manipulation for conducive use 
Skill building drills (low light/No light) 
Weapon manipulations under limited to zero visibility 
Communication under NODS/DeconflictionDay, Low Light and No Light Course of Fire
Diagnostic for score (Low light/No Light)
Simunitions exercises 


Nightvision (rentals available, DM for info)
Visible/IR laser (rentals available) 
Suppressor Recommended 
Rifle with 5 magazines 
Pistol with 3 magazines 
White Light weapon light (rifle and pistol)
Helmet (bump or ballistic)
Ear pro Eye pro (clear lenses)
Plate Carrier or chest rig
Battle belt/Duty Belt 
Med Kit/Blow Out Kit
Weather appropriate gear


500 Rifle rounds 
200Pistol rounds

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