• Intro to Nightvision 9/27/2020 Paladin Center

    Intro to Nightvision :Overview: - Establish working knowledge of Nightvision devices for operational use. - Intimate understanding of its strengths,  limitations and it’s integration into operational use.- Notable Case studies for NVG usage - Diagnostic for score - Converging and Parallel Zero - Photonic Barriers and environment manipulation for conducive use - Switchology - Skill building drills (low light/No light) - Weapon manipulations under limited to zero visibility - Communication under NODS/Deconfliction- Day, Low Light and No Light Course of Fire- Diagnostic for score (Low light/No Light)- Simunitions village exercises FINEXEquipment: Nightvision (rentals available, DM for info)Visible/IR laser (rentals available) Rifle with 5 magazines Pistol with 3 magazines White Light weapon light (rifle and pistol)Helmet (bump or ballistic)Ear pro Eye pro (clear lenses)Plate Carrier or chest rigBattle belt/Duty BeltMedical Kit/Blow Out KitTourniquet Weather appropriate gearAmmunition:600 Rifle rounds 300 Pistol rounds 

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