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  • Lock Pick 12/8/2019 Staten Island Hilton Garden Inn

    This intro class is designed to expose students to the methodology needed for use under real world conditions in the course of their work.
    Topics covered:
    -lock pick functions and mechanisms 
    -picking tools
    -practical application (1-7 pins)
    -key impressions
    -reading key numbers
    -wafer and warded locks 
    -additional tools
    -lock destruction using drills
    Cadre Bio:
    Instructor T, is a Interagency Training Center graduate and US Marine Corps Veteran with expertise in Counterintelligence, human intelligence. Technical surveillance/countermeasures and cyber warfare.
    Mr. T has conducted counter insurgency operations throughout the GWOT in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific theatre. Additionally, he’s worked as a contractor for the DIA providing HUMINT coordination and support to Special Operations Forces and NATO in both Northern and Eastern Afghanistan.
    Tool kits are provided and for students to keep.