• SRC3

    The Gen 3 Sling Retainer Catch (SRC-3) is our latest release in end user modularity. 
    Being used in various capacities from sling retention to holster adaptation for tourniquet storage the SRC-3 is truly a game changing product that’s been battle tested in military and law enforcement communities.
    Tourniquet Storage:
    Addressing larger Safariland holster’s such as the Sig 320 series, M17 and M18 we extended the main band of our SRC-2 by 2”inches.
    This will help accommodate the entire Safariland lineup regardless of any accessory’s such as weapon mounted lights, red dot optics, lasers etc...
    Sling Management:
    In addition to standard AR platform sling set ups, The SRC-3 Will also accommodate larger railed rifles such as the HK 416/HK 417, SCAR 17, bolt action guns and a multitude of machine guns currently in use by the US Military.

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